Plasticair Polycube



HCS - Series (Odour Scrubbers)

HS - Series (Acid Scrubbers)

End users will save 40 - 50% in electrical energy costs. This is the lowest energy consumption vs. highest efficiency removal of horizontal packed bed scrubbers in today's market place. Generally units are designed for 99 % removal can be achieved.

ECE - Series

This Horizontal non - cloggin venturi scrubber is ideal for oil/air separation, high efficency (up to 99 % of 1 micron) dust and fine particulate removal materials of construction are FRP & PVC. Volume capacity up to 70,000 CFM (33,040 L/Sec). Bulletin # 055 (Solutions)

E - Series

Mist & Particulate Scrubbing: Compact units capable of 80% - 90% removal of acid gas and 99% of 3micron particulate. Material of construction is FRP & PVC. Volume capacity upto 60,000 CFM (28320 l/sec). Bulletin #55 Solutions

P - Series

Mist elimination featuring periodical washdown sprays. Corrosion resistant materials FRP & PVC are used for fabication. Units are designed for 99% removal of particles 12 micron and larger.