Plasticair Skyplume






Fast Processing Speeds and Continuous System Monitoring

PID Control with Advanced Logarithm Functions

Data Logging to USB for Convenient Retrieval of Information

Provided with Output for Remote System Status Alarms

Field Configurable and Programmable

Operating Introduciton

Laboratory Exhaust Fans shall operate continuously in an N + 1 design configuration. SKYLEEDER™ fan control shall sequence fans on a programmable schedule with available daily, weekly, and monthly program options. Fan sequencing utilizing a standby/N + 1 program is important to prevent bearing and motor drive damage from long term (month+) stationary conditions. Most laboratory systems operate on 24 hour per day programs and require precise control when sequencing fans. Static pressure and flow in manifold exhaust networks must be maintained at all times to ensure safe operations as well as public safety. Plasticair’s SKYLEEDER™ fan control system provides smart operating control utilizing PID technology. SKYLEEDER™ Laboratory Fan Controls provide further advancement in fan operation through advanced logarithm functions and provides data logging for direct download or local USB access. Configurable status alarms provide continuous monitoring and can be shared via BACnet to Building Automation and Control Networks.

 SKYLEEDER™ Laboratory Exhaust Fan Control System Operates in the following condition: 

  1. Monitors and maintains system static pressure set point in the exhaust manifold network.
  2. Monitors fan motor condition and provides alarm on fault conditions.
  3. Automatic activation of standby fan with simultaneous ramp up of standby fan and ramp down of leading onboard fan(s) while maintaining system pressure conditions +/- 5% during the sequence.
  4. Maintain exhaust volume, and velocity through by-pass damper modulation ensuring design plume stack height are achieved. This option is programmable for both by-pass damper modulation and fan off sequence for energy savings.
  5. Modifiable in field for project specific conditions.

Control Function:

  1. The SKYLEEDER™ control system is a single centralized system consisting of a single main control panel housed within a NEMA 1/3R/4X enclosure for indoor/outdoor wall mounting. The SKYLEEDER™ control system monitors fan operating hours, fan motor condition(s), and system static pressure(s) condition(s).
  2. Using the SKYLEEDER™ programing one fan sits idle for a programed time set point and initiates operating while ramping down one of the lead fan systems. Monitoring of the plenum static pressure takes place and the standby fan is ramped up while one of the lead fans is ramped down ensuring continuous system static pressure is maintained through the 30 second changeover.
  3. During regular operation the SKYLEEDER™ controller monitors the plenum condition and makes adjustments of either the by-pass damper or cycles fans off for energy savings. These functions are programmable.
  4. Sensors for static pressure, temperature, bearing vibration and auxiliary options are housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure located on the side of the exhaust plenum. This secondary panel provides a junction point for damper motor wiring, system lighting, and is linked to the main SKYLEEDER™ control panel for continuous communication. Secondary monitoring and data screen can be optionally added here.
  5. The main SKYLEEDER™ control system receives communication from the secondary panel(s) and notifies the Building Automation and Control Network of any changing conditions such as motor failure, belt failure, temperature alarms.
  6. Through continuous monitoring of the system manifold conditions energy savings are achieved by both ramping down and deactivating fans as required. By-pass damper control provides further safety and maintained plume height.

Project Example Savings Review

Laboratory Exhaust System – 90,000 CFM @ 5” Static Pressure

In this example a laboratory exhaust system was being designed with 5 fans operating at a total system flow of 112,500 CFM @ 5” Static Pressure. The system was sized utilizing 22,500 CFM of by-pass air (90,000 CFM plenum inlet/22,500 CFM bypass). A fan system manufacturer provided the Consulting Engineer with a selection of 5 fans operating at 22,500 CFM each, 31.61 BHP each (158.05 BHP system total). At this time the designed annual cost for operating this system was approximately $138,000.00 (using $0.12/kwh). Limited roof space put further constraints on using SWSI style fans and Plasticair was asked to help with space savings. Plasticair’s SKYPLUME™ DMF Series Fans provided the space savings and also provided additional energy savings. In this example Plasticair selected (5) SKYPLUME™ DMF 402 – Inline Mixed Flow Impeller Series Fans representing 4 fans in operation and 1 in stand-by each operating at 22,500 CFM and 5” Static Pressure. New fans were 30.51 BHP each (152.55 BHP total) which provided an initial $5,000.00 in annual savings. Using this N+1 redundancy, and eliminating the bypass air while using SKYLEADER™ Laboratory Fan System Controls provided an additional savings of $27,600.00 for a total projected savings of $32,600.00. Dilution air was a concern with the initial system and necessitated the 22,500 CFM by-pass. SKYPLUME™ fans in this application provided over 258% and eliminated the need for this added air as compared to the competitor’s product. AMCA certified ratings are provided with each SKYPLUME™ Induced Flow Fan System selection. Contact Plasticair for review of your specific requirements.