Plasticair Skyplume

SKYPLUME Technologies

SKYPLUME Technologies



For Critical Life Safety Exhuast Applications

  • Low Medium & High Profile Induction Fan Exhaust Systems
  • Safety: Highest Momentum Factor in the Industry for high dilution and highest Effective Plume Rise
  • Rust Proof FRP UV Stable Construction: Best Solution for Coastal designs and potential for corrosive airstreams.
  • Energy Savings: Highest Plume Rise Versus Electrical Energy When compairing to our competitors
  • Mixed Flow & Centrifugal Impller Options
  • Quite Operaation
  • Direct Drive & Belt Drive Options
  • Custom foot print & design available

ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 recommends "a minimum discharge velocity of 3000 FPM". In a typical 10 MPH crosswind, an outlet velocity below 3,000 FPM (at the top of the wind band) will not allow the laboratory exhaust air to be ejected to a safe distance above the roof. Low discharge velocities can also result in downdraft within the wind band, causing contaminated air to be directed downwards.


The Plasticair SKYPLUMETM High Plume Dilution System employs a unique patented discharge nozzle design that entrains additional ambient air, diluting the exhaust from the laboratory to reduce exhaust containment concentrations. More important, the addition of the ambient air increases the SKYPLUMETM discharge wind band mass flow rate and velocity, resulting in greater nozzle discharge momentum, displacing the dilutied effluent high above the roof line


Laboratory Exhaust is drawn into the SKYPLUMETM Fan

  • The Exhaust is discharged into the SKYPLUMETM induction nozzle while ambient dilution air is induced into the SKYPLUMETM wind band
  • This addition of induced dilution air is discharged at high velocity to atmoshpere.

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